Eastampton Local Enforcing Agency
George Myers, Fire Official <email>

Eastampton Bureau of Fire Prevention
George Myers, Fire Marshal <email>

P.O. Box 748 Eastampton, NJ 08060
Office Phone: (609) 518-2036

The Office of the Fire Official/Fire Marshal is located at the emergency services building at 788 Smithville Road. Please call or email the fire official for office hours.


Forms and Documents

Local Enforcing Agency

A Local Enforcing Agency (LEA) is the term used by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to designate the agency responsible for enforcement of the New Jersey life safety (fire) code in a municipality. The Eastampton LEA is administered by the Eastampton Board of Fire Commissioners and is outside of the fire department command structure.

Fire Official

The Fire Official is the person designated to head the LEA and enforce the life safety code. The Fire Marshal heads the Fire Prevention Bureau. While the Fire Official and Fire Marshal can be different people, in Eastampton, both roles are filled by David Wiersma, and the titles are used interchangeably.